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Human Eye
"Spiders and Their Kin" b/w "Desperate Hands"
Terrible Twos
"Crash the Circuit", "Tidnid" b/w "Mary Got Married"
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Pretty Ghouls
MAMA-076 "Teenage Frankenstein" b/w "Creature Feature"

A co-release with the PG's very own Creepy Records imprint. The rah-rah trashy garage singalong of the a-side is wonderfully paired with the slow burn fuzz drenched b-side that dissolves into a volcanic freakout. Recommended if you like the Cramps, skeletons or upbeat goth vibes. Comes with free mp3 download code.

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Queens of Noise
MAMA-078 "Up Against the Wall” b/w “Victimized"

Started originally as a teenaged Runaways cover band, this quintet of angry young women from Nashville now celebrate their first-ever vinyl release with two songs riding the catchy confessional crevasse of the Go-Go’s and the primal punk power of the Germs. They will charm the hell out of you and possibly even steal your wallet. Limited to 200 copies on red vinyl, once those are gone 200 copies on black vinyl are already in-house and ready to impress.

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Special limited bundle option:
"The Prude Boys & Pretty Ghouls"

We're sorry, but this bundle is sold out! The Prude Boys single in addition to all FOUR Pretty Ghouls singles to date. Five singles for only $20, shipping included! USA only.

Prude Boys
MAMA-075 "The Outlaw” b/w “Plague My Dreams"

The debut vinyl appearance by Detroit's Prude Boys highlights the sandy vocals of bassist Caroline Myrick, while the Quennton Thornbury's reverb laced guitar lines are powerful yet measured. Real rock and roll with light surf vibes. Groove along to the beach blanket bingo baby. Recommended if you like fun. Preview both Prude Boys tracks here

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Soledad Brothers
MAMA-074 "Human Race Blues b/w Soledarity"

What do the Soledad Brothers sound like in 2015, navigating a crazy hazy post-apocalyptic netherworld of the United States? Updated and improved in all the right ways without compromising anything. Don't you kinda hate it and kinda love it when a band takes a break, and then comes back better than ever? That's exactly what happens here. Classic three piece line-up with Johnny Walker (medical doctor), Brian Olive (Greenhorne) and Ben Swank (Ultras S/C) killing it in bleakly beautiful ways. Get hi-fi!

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Soledad Brothers
MAMA-073 "Master Supertone LP"

Originally released in a micro-edition of twenty (!) cassettes, these earliest recordings of the Soledads brim with raw, unadulterated houserockin blues and Midwestern malaise. Songs recorded on a front porch? Check. Gunshots heard off in the distance? Check. Electric snowshovel? Check. Recorded by Jack White in 1998 at 1203 Ferdinand, he also plays piano on these recordings. Includes covers of Ike Turner's "Rocket 88" and Hound Dog Taylor's "Gimme Back My Wig". Pow to the people. Tracklist:

Sugar and Spice
Rocket 88
Johnny's Death Letter
Long Legged Baby
Skidmore Texas
Gimme Back My Wig
St. Ides of March
Little Red Rooster

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Stephen Blackwell
MAMA-071 "The Fire and the Knife"

The second installment that only further establishes the unpredictable hilarity of the story. Limited to 100 numbered copies. Once again lovingly letterpressed and designed by the inimitable Johnny Brewton at X-Ray Book and Novelty Company. Just say no to tuna fish sandwiches. $15 here and $20 for the rest of the world.

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Stephen Blackwell
MAMA-070 "The Fire and the Knife"

Cass debuts in the publishing world with a hilarious 13-page, three-thousand word chapbook by Stephen Blackwell, detailing runaway horse-carriage hi-jinks, flaming amniotic fluid and flying flip-flops all wrapped nicely into the scenery of Mackinac Island. Eyepopping letterpress printing and design by Johnny Brewton of X-Ray Book & Novelty Co, each copy is individually numbered. This will be a continuing story, so get in on the ground floor. $15 here and $20 for the rest of the world. SOLD OUT!

The Dirtbombs
MAMA-065 "Consistency is the Enemy - 12"LP"

A mere seven years later, …Enemy functions as the vinyl component of the Dirtbombs' 2006 singles collection If You Don't Already Have a Look. While that two disc, CD-only collection focused on the plethora of out-of-print vinyl singles the band had released up until that point, it also contained new songs and previously unreleased archival recordings. THOSE songs seemed to get lost in the shuffle and consequently, have never been released on vinyl until now. Highlights include tracks like "Here Comes That Sound Again" and "Candyass", both consistent live favorites, or the quixotic cover of Yoko Ono's "Kiss Kiss Kiss" not to mention the entiretyof the Chariots of the Gods EP from 1999. Limited one-time pressing on vinyl. Once it's gone, it's gone -100 copies on clear vinyl ONLY available from the Cass website. you will not find these anywhere else. once we're soldout of clear vinyl, we will have NO more copies left, so go to Revolver if you just want boring old black vinyl. $33 PPD here and $45 PPD for the rest of the world. SOLD OUT

1. The Sharpest Claws
2. Encrypted
3. Here Comes That Sound Again
4. Mystery Train
5. Never Licking You Again
6. Words That Hurt
7. You Don't Mean It
8. Candyass
9. Kiss Kiss Kiss
10. (I'm Not Your) Scratchin' Post
11. Walk on Jagged Air
12. Trainwreck
13. Executioner of Love
14. Correspondence
15. They Hate Us in Scandinavia
16. What You've Got

Ultras S/C
MAMA-068 "1417 Roberts Ave" b/w "My Own Microphone"

Featuring members (and all the best parts) of Immortal Lee County Killers, Soledad Brothers and Be Your Own Pet rolled together for a blasting punk screed the likes of which haven't been heard round here since Pussy Galore's "Feel Good About Your Body" EP. Shit is distorted, in the red, raw and couldn't be more perfect....rock and roll the way it was meant to be.

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Vegetarian Cannibals
MAMA-020 "Before the Fact LP"

FINALLY! Originally released on cassette in 1990 in a micro-pressing of lord knows how few copies. These three teens holed up in Grosse Pointe eeked out one of the most unadulterated, punk statements ever laid to tape. Recorded on a single condenser microphone via boombox, featuring covers of the Beatles "Helter Skelter" and Butthole Surfers "Gary Floyd" and unparalleled original songs attacking MTV, drug testing, conformity and all other sorts of harbingers of teen hate. This was originally slated for release by Cass back in 2004 and we're just now getting in done. LINER NOTES BY JACK WHITE. Before the Fact is one of the most important things Cass has ever had the pleasure of releasing. If there ever need be an approximation for late '80s equivalent to the suburban teen garage phenomenon of Back From the Grave and the 1960's, this is it. Initial pressing of 200 copies.

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Ranch Ghost
MAMA-067 ""Nahla" b/w "Ragged Mile"

Nashville's newest hit makers. The youthful rock and roll combo Ranch Ghost is tipped to go big with their original take on motoring garage rock grooves. If you can't get behind this, there's something wrong with you. Indebted to the Black Lips, bandanas, Swiss Army Knives, backyard tie-dye and Aftermath-era Rolling Stones, Ranch Ghost is one of the few bands in the past several years to actually impress the Cass brass in the live arena. Rock lives on in the untied shoes and lock-tight rhythm here. Sorry, ALL SOLD OUT!

Ray Woolf and the Avengers
MAMA-066 ""Little Things That Happen" b/w "La La Lies"

Unreleased by the RCA label back in 1967 due to the fact that it was too "out-there" the proto-Sabbath heft and killer freakbeat tone of "Little Things That Happen" re-writes the already impressive history of New Zealand garage music from the 1960's. 100% pure, undeniable rock and roll. Backed with a rollicking cover of the Who's "La La Lies" that bops along with a snarling fuzz tone. Woolf's reputation in NZ is one of a crooner of standards and ballads, but this single is ample proof that the man knows how to bring it. Complete with liner notes/interview insert.

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Infinity People
MAMA-063 ""In Love with the Light" 2xLP"

The double LP "IN LOVE WITH THE LIGHT". Yes, it IS a concept album about positivity, community, collective vision, and THE LIGHT. Yes, it access's the sonic equivalent of the third eye via maximum love and party. Yes, they come on like a super groop - THAT IS, if yer idea of a super groop involves something like the members of Van Der Graaf Generator, ABBA, Uriah Heep, Os Mutantes, and The Incredible String Band all forming one band, with David Bowie and Charlie Manson ghost writing?!?! NO, they are NOT a super groop. Although they may have some super powers? This 13 piece ensemble's members (including core members Dion Fischer, Warren Defever, J Rowe, Aliccia B.B. , Aran Ruth, and a dog and a baby) have forsaken their allegiances to other musical projects (the Go, His Name Is Alive, Slumber Party, Outrageous Cherry, etc.) to concentrate on the Church of the Infinite... "IN LOVE WITH THE LIGHT" is a state of mind and a musical snapshot of a moment in the the life of this family known as INFINITY PEOPLE. It is the out come of their first ever session, recorded with honorary family members Bill Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins at Key Club in Benton Harbor, MI and mixed/completed by Fischer and Defever up at UFO FACTORY. Please give ear to the result...

Limited to 100 copies available from Cass. Co-released with a shit-ton of other labels! 2xLP in gatefold jacket complete with MP3 download coupon.

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Dan Sartain
MAMA-064 ""Crimson Guard" LP "

Sartain asked for more so we're giving the world more! Limited repress, each copy on randomly mixed colored vinyl and rubber stamped covers. Order more than one and you'll get different covers!

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MAMA-062 ""Deepwater Horizon" 7-inch"

Syrupy old-school Detroit techno from the punk bunkers of Pittsburgh. Phil Boyd (Modey Lemon) and Preslav Lefterov combine a love of analog synths, beats, and Metroplex 12"s into a dark, danceable distillation of electronic jams. Rubber-stamped sleeves. Limited to 400 copies.

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Whirlwind Heat
MAMA-041 ""Scoop Du Jour" LP"

FOUR YEARS IN THE MAKING! Finally, the vinyl release of the Heat's swan song album on vinyl. If you don't know the sick, slanted beats of "Emulators" this purchase is worth it for that undeniable song alone. Add to that eight justified jams of Western Michigan's finest vintage and be reminded of why dissing the Heat is really just dissing yourself. Limited to 300 copies with hand-colored pistachio ice cream squiggles. Only 150 available from Cass. Once they're gone.... Oh, They're GONE!

the Mahonies
MAMA-061 ""Eat 'em All" 7-inch EP"

In the vein of the Dictators, Personal and the Pizzas and the finest of Detroit's coney island hot dog slingers, the Mahonies manage to cram 10 songs on on 7" at 45rpm! Whether it's about ZZ Top (sample lyric: "ZZ Top has really big beards") petty thievery ("I Always Get What I Want…When I Steal") or the universally understood ("Where the fuck are my keys?") these dumb punk outbursts all manage to stay below the 100-second threshold. Featuring Craig Brown of Terrible Twos and Liquor Store and Ian from being awesome.

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D. Watusi
MAMA-060 "Slave Walls" b/w "Lilly's Lament"

SOLD OUT! - The hot new shit from Music City! This second 7" slab from D. Watusi offers two instrumental numbers, each featuring a member of pre-eminent psychedelic sires the Paperhead. "Slave Walls" is inspired by the Music Convention's "Belly Board Beat" and is unparalleled thunderous drums, guitar freakout and sitar insanity. "Lilly's Lament" is cuddly, down-tempo vibes that make you wanna grab a malt with your main squeeze. These kids actually know what they're doing… BEWARE!

Brendan Benson/Ben Blackwell split-single
MAMA-059 "Last Night in Detroit" b/w "Bury My Body at Elmwood"

Esquire magazine commissioned ex-pat Detroiters and erstwhile Nashvillians Brendan Benson (Raconteurs) and Ben Blackwell (Dirtbombs) to compose songs about Detroit city using the lyric "Last night in Detroit". Benson uses that as his song title in his no-holds-barred account of memories of the Motor City, both good and bad. Blackwell screams his song around the East Side cemetery that's the resting place for former mayors, Revolutionary war soldiers and Fred "Sonic" Smith. Strictly limited to 1000 copies each with individually hand-stamped paper sleeves.

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Moon Pool & Dead Band
MAMA-058 "Patsy" b/w "Patsy (Jack Ruby Version)

Oh shit! What happens when a dude from the Sights/SSM hooks up with one of the geniuses behind noise-mongers Wolf Eyes? Old-school Detroit techno jams, plain and simple. This single is MP&DB's debut on vinyl and the dirty danceable vibe is undeniable. Analog synthesizers and sequencers to the max. This may be just the thing Electrifyin' Mojo needs to hear to bring his ass out of retirement.

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Cheap Time
MAMA-057 "Another Time" b/w "Immediate Future"

SOLD OUT! - Jeff Novak and the boys strike back with their most straightforward, no frills punk rock they've ever done. The Aussie influence on these songs is undeniable and Novak's guitar tone is as close as possible to the Saints' "I'm Stranded" without having to pay Ed Kuepper royalties. If you like the idea of Cheap Time but feel they sometimes overdo it or put too many weird tangents in their songs, just buy this single and enjoy. Consider this your "no tangent" guarantee!

Ben Blackwell
MAMA-055 "I Remember When All This Was Trees" LP

The debut solo LP by Dirtbombs drummer was written, performed and recorded entirely by himself. The album focuses on Blackwell's hometown of Detroit, through his own personal and historic references. From psychedelic folk of "The Sainthood of Father Solanus Casey" to the Bo Diddley-esque garage rock of "I Can't See Through Plywood Windows" or the atonal white noise of "Gordon Newton, 1970" each is independent of the others by genre, butultimately connected through the subject matter of the city of Detroit. LP pressed on 180-gram vinyl and CAME with a free digital download - but now it's all gone.

Human Eye
MAMA-031 "Spiders and Their Kin" b/w "Desperate Hands" REPRESS

This Limited-edition, hand-numbered repress with new artwork and less than 100 copies available from Cass is now SOLD OUT!

Terrible Twos/b>
MAMA-031 "Crash the Circuit", "Tidnid" b/w "Mary Got Married"

Blistering blitzkrieg from Detroit's proud punk pongers. With equal amounts of inspiration gleaned from the Screamers and Adderall, the Twos like to keep it weird. These songs show the band at their peak and are easily among the best things they've ever committed to wax. Guaranteed enough energy to turn you on and float your boat. As a side note, they are also the best band to ever send Cass an unsolicited demo. On randomly mixed colored vinyl!

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Gerald Burkhart
MAMA-052 Gerald Burkhart "You Broke My Backbone" b/w "Walk Alone""

From the northern reaches of Michigan's lower peninsula, Gerald Burkhart showed up on our radar during a freshman year political science class at Wayne State. He had painted a mod target of the Who on his army surplus jacket. We didn't get the nerve to say hi to him until we saw him at a Foo Fighters show. This was ten years ago. Gerald has since bounced across the country finding work where he can. Last we heard he was in New Mexico. These two songs, with vocal inflection borrowed from Tom Waits and acoustic guitar style from Neil Young, are lonesome and depressing in a weird way that actually makes you feel good. Hand-stamped covers, limited to 200 copies.

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MAMA-051 the Sugarcoats "3 Blocks x 2" b/w "Numbered Floors"

The A-side is a seething indictment of so-called "friends" difficulty in understanding personal space framed via the relevant streets of Detroit's Woodbridge neighborhood. We think it's from an obscure Bob Seger System album. The B-side couples slide guitar with winsome harmonica and it sounds like a Goat's Head Soup outtake. Cover art by Jamie Easter gives no indication of the rural, countrified twang paired with ample amounts of rock and roll credibility (members of Lee Marvin Computer Arm, Detroit Cobras) emanating from this slab. Recommended if you like Southern accents, facial hair, Del Ray and the American spirit.

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Timmy's Organism
MAMA-049 Timmy's Organism "I'm a Nice Guy Now" b/w "Cold Pizza"

"I used to eat garbage / now I eat steak / I used to steal from the thrift store / now I donate" In a time when babies are seemingly born with mohawks and tattoos and everything fails to shock, how does one who's embodied the punk ethos for years survive? Easy...they become nice. In the decade we've known Tim Vulgar he's responsible for a large chunk of our favorite music. "I'm a Nice Guy Now" is an all-out killer. You're either already aboard this train or have been standing at the station for years, trying to figure out what in the hell is going on. Somber b-side shows the tender touch Timmy has. We predict tears...especially from the nice guys.

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The Dirtbombs
MAMA-048 the Dirtbombs "Race to the Bottom" full version

WE HAVE MORE! The record no one wants to hear! We took a poll of the Dirtbombs fan base on their likes and dislikes and cooked up the exact opposite of what they're looking for. Enjoy 23 excruciating minutes of aimless, meandering synthesizer noodling. You thought the six minutes of this song on We Have You Surrounded was painful? This 12" makes ear-bleeding seem like a blessing in comparison.

customers within the U.S.
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Turbo Fruits
MAMA-047 Turbo Fruits "Colt .45" b/w "Broadzilla"(demo)

Jonas Stein unleashes the unrelenting sting on the A-side here that could either be about his love for firearms or his love of Billy D. Williams. B-side is an early demo of their monster "Broadzilla" and both are exclusive to this release but it's now SOLD OUT!.

the Readies
MAMA-046 the Readies "Mink Dagger" b/w "Medicine Cabinet"

Dan Kroha is a Detroit musical treasure on-par with Ron Asheton, Nolan Strong and Soupy Sales. With the Readies, he finally takes center stage as lone singer/songwriter after 20+ years of being cruelly tagged as a sideman. "Mink Dagger" testifies with the cocky strut of a rooster in the henhouse while "Medicine Cabinet" was written from short-hand notes stolen from James Williamson's psychologist post-"Kill City".

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Mick Bassett and the Marthas
MAMA-045 Mick Bassett and the Marthas "Bird on the Line" b/w "The Keepers"

Trombones! We finally have trombones! Mick and the Marthas proffer what may be our most heartfelt release yet. To call this guy the Detroit Dylan is dumb, but kinda fun too. "The Keepers" follows in the rolling tradition of Big Star's "Thirteen", the White Stripes "We Are Going to Be Friends" and many other tunes that are perfect in that tick-tock sort of way. And "Bird..." slops around lazily with behind-the-beat accents and barrelhouse piano recalling clear-throated and sober Waits. We ain't gone soft, we've gone smart. Sorry, SOLD OUT.

Terrible Twos/Dan Sartain/Dirtbombs
MAMA-044 Terrible Twos "See Them Work" & Dan Sartain "Voodoo" b/w the Dirtbombs "Politicians in My Eyes"

More tour single leftovers, this time the Twos blurt spastic about the crew at Whole Foods while Sartain croons sweetly a swampy Chris Isaak cover. The Dirtbombs again with a cover of the quasi-legendary Detroit punk band Death. SOLD OUT, SORRY FOLKS!

Kelley Stoltz/Dirtbombs
MAMA-042 Kelley Stoltz/Dirtbombs Split Tour Single

We pressed these suckers for the disastrous Dirtbombs/Stoltz tour of Spring 2008 and our high-expectations are now your gain. This be the only place you'll be able to catch the leftovers and once they're gone, good luck. Stoltz offers an exclusive funk jam "(My Baby Always Knows) What Time It Is" and if you know anything about parenthetical titles, you'll know it's guaranteed to be tight. The Dirtbombs cover the Detroit punk classic "Politicians in My Eyes" nowhere near the intensity of the original from 1974 by the band Death. Even so, it's killer. You came too late folks - all sold out.

Kelley Stoltz
MAMA-039 Kelley Stoltz Circular Sounds LP

Yes, that Kelley Stoltz. No, I don't know why Sub Pop didn't want to put this gem out on vinyl. Their loss is our gain...just check out how the Cass statue dwarfs that diminutive SP logo. Stoltz continues his impeccable run of instantly familiar home-recorded psychedelic pop classics. "Your Reverie" is sweet affected guitar and Hammond organ perfection while "Put My Troubles to Sleep" is a perfect lyric/music assemblage with swooping "ba ba ba" backing vocals that makes "All You Need Is Love" sound like dog shit. No disrespect to whoever wrote "All You Need Is Love" but Kelley Stoltz is that impressive and needs to be heard on this LP with full-color gatefold sleeve. Less than 100 available from the Cass website and once those are gone I don't know what to tell you. Sorry, all SOLD OUT folks.

The Decks
MAMA-040 the Decks "DTC" b/w "What You Said"

These kids started off by leaving late night notes on the Cass HQ front porch. And now their leaving mastertapes in our mailbox! Suburban teenage garage with equal debt owed to Patti Smith and the Underdogs. "DTC" is a slinky bass-propelled shouter that erupts with screaming emotion while "What You Said" is a heart-aching ballad with beautiful boy/girl vocal interaction that makes you want to go to the soda fountain and split a malt with your main squeeze. Limited to 200 copies, large or small center hole. SOLD OUT.

The Ramrods
MAMA-038 The Ramrods "Blood Dues" b/w "Downtown Stories"

Detroit's first post-Stooges punk band have added Sir Dan Kroha (the Gories!) on bass and recorded two new piles of hulking Motor City steam to celebrate their 30th anniversary. "Blood Dues" is a creepy midnight drive down Woodward while "Downtown Stories" name-drops all kinds of 313 also-rans of the past few decades. The lead singer is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee and no matter how many times he emails to tell me so, I still don't believe it. Pure, undistilled, annoying Detroit rock and roll. ALL SOLD OUT.

MAMA-032 The GO "Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride"

This legendary Detroit band has finally unleashed a masterpiece. Recorded in a suburban basement and produced by the lead singer, this is as perfect a record you will hear all year. Their Beatles influence is ever-present and inspiring while a dedication to other 60's pop staples like Nilsson and the Hollies does not overshadow the jaw-dropping combination of the Krautner/Harlow songsmith team. Vinyl is heavy-as-hell with an immaculate gatefold sleeve straight-outta 1972. This is the ultimate but it's SOLD OUT!

Lee Marvin Computer Arm
MAMA-036 Lee Marvin Computer Arm "Me/You" b/w "Last Man/Free Money", "Bootstraps"

With the reckless spirit of the Who and Nation of Ulysses, Lee Marvin Computer Arm obliterate the stage like it did them wrong. This record, although with considerably less sweat, still pumps with flesh-searing rock catastrophe and will have all the middle schoolers aching to play trumpet in first semester symphonic band. Did I mention there are three brothers in the band? That's wicked in a Jackson 5/Osmonds sorta way. It was limited to 500 hand-numbered copies but now it's limited to a big fat ZERO..... SOLD OUT BABY!.

The Muldoons LP
MAMA-035 The Muldoons "s/t"

Hunter and Shane Muldoon will destroy all your expectations. Their debut LP stakes their claim as the ultimate bunch of punk-loving pubescents. Where tracks like "Zombies" and "Robot Car" are dissonant blasts of deafening roar, songs like "Chubby Bunny" or "Tall" are clever exercises in catchy choruses. A twisted cover of the Electric Eels "Agitated" and a take on the Stooges "Real Cool Time" complete with a gargling solo? Are you kidding me? This LP-only release is limited to 1500 copies and is co-released by Third Man Recordings!

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Mountains and Rainbows
MAMA-034 Mountains and Rainbows "Knock Me Out" b/w "Indian"

With the impenetrable wall of garage fuzz on "Knock Me Out" and the free jazz sax wail of "Indian" M&R are a confounding enigma. Front man Matt Z's falsetto slices through it all and leaves you wondering if he is serious or if you just got duped. Coonskin caps, single-note bass runs, Scum of the Earth, mohair sweaters, Prince's Black Album, vacations in Third World countries and Parables of Arable Land is just a list of things. They may have nothing to do with Mountains and Rainbows. But it makes you wonder, 75% of this band are members of future-legends Tyvek. ALL SOLD OUT..

Tin Knocker
MAMA-028 Tin Knocker "Power Me Up" b/w "Tired of You"

Several years in the making, this sophomore slab from the rockers of Knocker is seven different types of awesome. "Power Me Up" webs you with its spindly guitar slicks while "Tired of You" rolls off some smiley smooth vocal harmonies. Included is a Tin Knocker CD containing the tracks from their elusive debut 45, the tracks from this 45 and a bunch of demos and covers you'll never find anywhere else. Cover art by Gordon Newton, famed Cass Corridor artist whose work can be found in the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Guggenheim and Jack White's amplifiers. Did we mention the Detroit Dragway pit pass? Or how many coats of polyurethane were slathered onto the covers? This thing is so limited we neednÕt even tell you... and we did tell you.... and now they are gone!

Cyril Lords
MAMA-030 The Cyril Lords "Motherland" LP

WITH EXCLUSIVE TRACKS! This is the way you were meant to hear the Cyril Lords masterpiece. While the CD made its presence known on some top ten lists for '06 (with lots of love from Terre T. and Joe Belock at WFMU) you will dig the LP even more. Recognize the beauty of "Monkey Paw" and "Niantic City Limits" not available on the CD issue. And with snazzed-up artwork, be prepared to fall in love all over again. This is the undeniable nexus of garage and pop music. Guest appearances by John and Tim Hentch! Limited to 500 copies!

customers within the U.S.
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Human Eye
MAMA-031 Human Eye "Spiders and Their Kin" b/w "Desperate Hands"

Tim Vulgar and his merry band of weirdos unleash a surefire smash. "Spiders" calls out the secrecy of freemasonry with a gnarly subsonic monster riff that will turn your insides to glue. "Desperate Hands" is frantic skittish punk squealer that sounds like someone's been inventing their own effects pedals. We told you it was limited to 500 copies, now they are gone!

The Go
MAMA-029 The Go "Invisible Friends" b/w "Yer Stoned Italian Cowboy"

The first new recordings from these Detroit favorites in several years! "Invisible Friends" is melancholy bubblegum from John Krautner that may or may not use the word "invisible" in a literal sense. "Cowboy" is psyched-out Bobby Harlowe id ramblings with bombastic bongo grooves and quite possibly the best-named song Cass has ever released. SOLD OUT!

MAMA-027 Tranzistors "Yoo Will" b/w "Yoo Don't"

We hand the descriptorial duties over to Steve Mcdonald of Redd Kross infamy: As mystical as the unicorn, and hotter than a Warhol superstar. If Virginia Plain had a love child with the Electric Warrior, and gave the baby to the Stardust family to raise, It would maybe have as much to offer as Tranzistors.

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Black Lips/Dirtbombs
MAMA-026 Black Lips/Dirtbombs "Black Stereo/Dirt Mono"

The Lips and Bombs triumphant 2006 tour ended with a couple of leftover hand-stamped singles. The Blacks deliver the country-styled original "Make It" while the Bombs forget the Eurythmics classic "Missionary Man" live and in mono. Sorry, they're...gone!

the Fatals
MAMA-025 the Fatals "Get Out My Life" b/w "Every Inch of Horrors"

France's finest fucked-up fuzz punks deliver a heartfelt mid-tempo ballad of an A-side only to couple it with the most blown-out, speaker shredding Horrors cover of a B-side. It's lo-fi Oblivians-indebted garage scuzz executed to perfection. Was limited to 500 copies... ooh la la!

Dan Sartain
MAMA-019 Dan Sartain "Gun vs. Knife", "Leeches 2 (the Hangers-On)" b/w "When You See Me Coming"

This kid from Alabama is the perfect cross between Johnny Cash's badass and storytelling with the intensity of the Flat Duo Jets. He says it best when he sings "When you see me coming get the fuck out the entrance." You do not want to meet Dan Sartain in a dark alley. SORRY, SOLD OUT!

Kelley Stoltz
MAMA-021 Kelley Stoltz "Discount City" b/w "'84 Tigers"

Two amazing tracks not on Stoltz's upcoming album on Sub Pop. Their loss. "Discount" is all kinds of Lou Reed narrative with funky breakbeats while "84 Tigers" is dedicated to the best sports team in Detroit history and name-checks the entire starting line-up. This record will most likely get us sued.

The Muldoons
MAMA-016 the Muldoons "Red and Black" "Driver's License" "Destruction Boy" "70's Punk Rocker".

8-year-old Shane Muldoon writes lyrics poignant for any age while his 11-year-old brother Hunter writes guitar riffs with equal respect to Asheton and Ramone. Their dad Brian plays drums. Recorded live at Third Man Studios and produced by Jack White, this band is going to make us rich.

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Int'l Shades LP
MAMA-018 Int'l Shades "Hash Wednesday" LP

LP issue: Modern day NYC psychedelia from the likes of Bob Bert (ex-Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, etc).

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Int'l Shades CD
MAMA-018 Int'l Shades "Hash Wednesday" CD

CD issue: Modern day NYC psychedelia from the likes of Bob Bert (ex-Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, etc).

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The Stabs
MAMA-016 the Stabs "The Woods" & "Six Foot Rodent".

Aussie knife-rockers with guitar tone that slashes your chest and lunges at the juggular, they'd be comfortable in a police line-up between the Birthday Party and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But, we're sold out of these.

The Sights
MAMA-015 the Sights s/t LP

This tracklist available only from Cass blows away Cargo and Scratchie's attempts at understanding the Sights. Separated into a side for "Rockers" and a side for "Weepers" and eliminating a few of the uninspired throwaway tracks, this is the definitive version of the Sights masterpiece third album. Limited to 1000 copies with a sleeve that you just have to rub against your cheek. $8 ($2 shipping in US, $7 everywhere else)

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MAMA-014 P.A. "No Blue Dye" b/w "The Fall Apart"

Debut single from Detroit band featuring Chris McInnis (ex-They Come In Threes) singing about robbing banks and wondering where all those loose screws are coming from. Like Television waiting for its Warm Jets to come in Cyrillic. Limited to 500 copies.

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The Sights
MAMA-009 the Sights "Sticks and Stones" b/w "Stop and Think it Over"

Tracks only available on this single! Detroit lads pay tribute to Ray Charles ("Sticks") way before Jamie Foxx ever did with this psyched-out staple from their live set. B-side pays tribute to Greg Cartwright with a genius cover of his timeless track from his Compulsive Gamblin' days. Limited to 1000 copies.

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Viva L'American Death Ray Music
MAMA-013 Viva L'American Death Ray Music "Same Suit, Different Tie"

A 12" single with three different versions of the same song? Dub remix? Is Cass going crazy? Hardly. "SSDT" is a rumbling testament to the daily malaise of those tiring away in the workaday world. Complete with backing vocals stolen from Old Dirty Bastard (before he died). Limited to 500 copies, edition of 50 already copies sold on Death Ray's 2004 Euro tour.

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Hot Machines
MAMA-011 the Hot Machines "Hole in My Heart" b/w "Draw Your Face"

Jered from the Ponys and Matt from the Baseball Furies team up with timebomb teen dream Alex White for this slowly scorched blast. Deathbed screams, lonely fuzztoned guitars and the excitement of a band on their debut release. A-side Cramps-y, B-side antsy. Limited to 500 copies.

Mystery Girls
MAMA-005 Mystery Girls "3/5's of a Mile in 10 Seconds" b/w "Mr. Thompson"

Twentysomething Green Bay brats cover Jefferson Airplane and make it sick. Like the Yardbirds, this sounds like the lead singer is being electrocuted in a bathtub. B-side follows in the grand tradition of rock ballads written about what musicians truly love...cheap alcohol. mystery girls info

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The Waxwings
MAMA-007 the Waxwings "Leave Less Waiting" b/w "Sky's a Mirror"

The finest Detroit has to offer via three-part harmony, the Waxwings give Cass earlier, better, more fragrant versions of the two stand out tracks from their "Let's Make Our Descent" album available from Rainbow Quartz. Limited to 500 copies! the waxwings site

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MAMA-033/EZ-033 Split/Split/Split 7"

Why Split/Split/Split? Because we rule, that's why. Honestly, it's a split between two bands (Dirtbombs and Adult.) two labels (Cass and Ersatz Audio) and two photographers (Patrick Pantano and Nicola Kuperus). Dirtbombs cover the forlorn Adult. classic "Lost Love" while Adult. covers the Dirtbombs' ode to indulgence "Pray for Pills". Limited to 3000 hand-numbered copies, 1500 available through Cass, the rest through Ersatz. Here's to the two most misunderstood bands in Detroit! SORRY, TOTALLY SOLD OUT! (FOR NOW) official adult site

Trachtenburg Family Slide Show Players
MAMA-008 "Look at Me" b/w "Don't You Know What I Mean"

Already a household name, the Trachtenburg's played "Look at Me" (a wistfully romantic jaunt through the lives of two retired army nurses) on the Conan O'Brien show. The Trachtenburg's are America and how it should be. Rachel's childish (well, she is only ten years old) backing vocals will make your coal turn to candy. Their first appearance on vinyl! Limited to 1000 copies on Pepto Bismol pink vinyl.


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MAMA-010 "If We Can't Trust the Doctors..."


This is the record that's going to bankrupt Cass. Hot-ass digipak, a booklet with full-color printing, a CD that plays on any record player and...oh, the music? Shit, this stuff will melt your heart, kiss your cheek and then leave you for dead. For fans of Hank Williams, hospitals, the Gun Club and melancholia. We're putting all our eggs in this basket, so start making some omelettes. official blanche site

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The Mooney Suzuki
MAMA-001 "Hey Joe" b/w "7 and 7 Is"

Totally Sold Out

These New York thieves of Detroit rock bust out with two hot sixties covers. "Hey Joe" starts like the Music Machine's version, raves up like the Leaves, and then explodes into something that no one else has done. "7 and 7 Is" ends with an explosion. On awesome black vinyl! www.themooneysuzuki.com

The Cyril Lords
MAMA-002 "No More Good Times" b/w "Where Do Girls Go?"

The newest garage band in Detroit erupts like Chuck Berry secretly videotaping the Hentchmen going to the bathroom while "Back from the Grave" plays in the background. Their first release! SORRY, SOLD OUT! The Cyril lords at MP3.com

This single intentionally opens on the left-hand side. We at Cass like to voice our distaste with the right-handed-centric world we live in by giving a big "left-you" to it. We also pay tribute to the legendary Australian record label Giant Claw that had it's singles open the same, sweet, left-handed way.
MAMA-003 "Who's to Say?" b/w "Superstious"

Back in print, baby!. Don't let V2 grab all the glory, Blanche was bucking around in our stable long before the majors bridled them up. Relive the autumn of 2003 with these two standout tracks. SORRY, SOLD OUT!


MAMA-006 "Black Market Body Parts" b/w "Satyrs Make Martyrs"

This Milwaukee trio somehow escaped from the aslyum. "...Body Parts" is the disco-punk-dance classic that will have you saying "House of Jealous what?" Look for the Neptunes remix in March. "Satyrs Make Martyrs" is the best play on words since...ever. official sagger site

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Tin Knocker

This is the most important and most elusive single in Detroit rock and roll since the MC5 released "Looking at You". Twisted schizo-slide breaks tear through "Garage" while "Distracted" is the best (only?) song to ever name drop the Jujus Fenton 45. Limited to 250 copies. SOLD OUT.